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Sanjeev Sharma
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Sanjeev Sharma
Year of Call - 2004
Inner Temple
  • LLB Hon’s Law, LLM Corporate Law
Professional Memberships:
Member of the Criminal Bar Association
Member of the Midland Circuit
Member of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple
Member of the Society of Young Asian Lawyers
Sanjeev is a specialist criminal practitioner whose practice is now focused exclusively on serious and complex criminal defence work. He has been instructed in all manner of serious cases in recent years including those involving allegations of Terrorism, serious violence including Murder, Attempted Murder, GBH, wounding and serious Armed Robberies, Arson and Rape as well as serious Drugs importation and supply cases. Read More

Direct Access - As well as working conventionally as instructed by a solicitor, Sanjeev is also qualified to accept work directly from a member of the public or any organisation, generally without the need for, or expense of employing a solicitor as well. Please contact Chambers for further information.
What the Solicitors say:
“we have instructed Sanjeev on many complex white collar fraud and serious crime cases. His attention to detail and case analysis are second to none. He always delivers. Clients continuously comment on his excellent client care, diligence and his ability to get to the heart of a case. He’s our go to guy for complex fraud” (S. Soor, Head of Fraud, Director, Cartwright King) Read More
Notable Recent Cases/ Biography 2012/13/14/15/16/17:
(click cases to read more)
R v. ST, DW & 20 others (Operation Harpseal) Leicester Crown Court
R v. OL & 3 others (Operation Cladenhus) Woolwich Crown Court
April 2017
R v. RW & 7 others (Operation Lyne) Wolverhampton Crown Court
April 2017
R v. TKP and 9 others (Operation Falkenbach) Southwark Crown Court
March 2017
R v. UA & 1 other Reading Crown Court
Jan 2017
R v. AH & 13 others (Operation Skipsea)
Nov 2016
R v. NP and 7 others (Operation Biscuit)
Oct 2016
R v. RM & 15 others (Operation Dynamo) Stafford Crown Court
Oct 2016
R v. WO and 4 others (Operation Nestor) Leicester Crown Court
Sept 2016
R v. GR, CD and 37 others (Operation Atrium)
Sep 2016
R v. AW & 6 others (Operation Predominantly) Wolverhampton Crown Court
Sep 2016
R v. AA & 7 others (Operation Beta) Birmingham Crown Court
Aug 2016
R v. Ameen Jogee (Operation Tallgrass) Nottingham Crown Court
July 2016
R . MSR and MIH (Operation Knubby) Old Bailey
June 2016
R v. LS & 16 others (Operation Petral) Manchester Crown Court
June 2016
R v. AV & 2 others (Operation Tampico) Southwark Crown Court
May 2016
R v. KB & 5 others (Operation Solar) Manchester Crown Court
April 2016
R v. KB and 2 others (Operation Chordal) Leicester Crown Court
April 2016
R v. WA and 10 others (Operation Kedenza) Southwark Crown Court
March 2016
R v. SM & 14 others (Operation Springtime) Birmingham Crown Court
Jan 2016
R v. AW & 12 others (Operation Perhaps) Birmingham Crown Court
Jan 2016
R v. SB & 11 others (Operation Eastvale) Birmingham Crown Court
Jan 2016
R v. TM & 13 others (Operation Griffin) Birmingham Crown Court
Nov 2015
R v. SE & 2 others (Operation Jitiri) Birmingham Crown Court
Oct 2015
R v. NB & 1 other (Operation Heat-“Bodiless Murder”) Birmingham Crown Court
Sept 2015
R v. HS & 7 others (Operation Tavernier) Leeds Crown Court
Aug 2015
R v. PG & 3 others (Operation Quadric) Nottingham Crown Court
June 2015
R v. SC (Operation Casebox) Old Bailey
July 2015
R v. AM & 24 others (Operation Harehill) Leeds Crown Court
May 2015
R v. Mohammed Qasim Yusuf and 27 others (Operation Janitor 3) Birmingham Crown Court
April 2015
R v. NM & 3 others (Operation Horncastle) Cardiff Crown Court
Feb 2015
R v. ZA and 27 others (Operation Janitor 2) Birmingham Crown Court
January 2015
R v. MC & 6 others (Operation Viscount 1) Birmingham Crown Court
R v. A.S. & 13 others (Operation Arlen) Leicester Crown Court
August 2014
R v. RI & 9 others (Operation Gascony) Leeds Crown Court
July 2014
R v. WW & 7 others (Operation Jindo) Birmingham Crown Court
May 2014
R v. KS & 9 others (Operation Daniel) Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey)
R v. MA and 27 others (Operation Janitor) Birmingham Crown court
May 2014
R v. NH & 5 others (Operation Thunderbird) Birmingham Crown Court
March 2014
R v. IH & 2 others (Operation Cedar) Lincoln Crown Court
March 2014
R v. AM & 10 others (Operation Kilroy) Leicester Crown Court
December 2013
R v. SA & 6 others (Operation Hibou) Kingston Crown Court
October 2013
R v. PS & 5 others Wolverhampton Crown Court
October 2013
R v. AH & 2 others (Operation Blackthorne) Nottingham Crown Court
November 2013
R v. GD and 10 others (Operation Adolescent) Birmingham Crown Court
September 2013
R v. LG & 2 others (Operation Heath) Nottingham Crown Court
July 2013
R v. S & 6 others (Operation Metercarpal) (Southwark Crown Court)
May 2013
R v. NU &7 others (Operation Foam) Leicester Crown Court
May 2013
R v. MSB & 5 others (Operation Stoat) Northampton Crown Court
May 2013
R v. PB & another (Operation Thread) St Albans Crown Court
March 2013
R v. SH & Another (Operation Chakra) Isleworth Crown Court
May 2012
R v. G.S & 5 others (Operation Fragile) Leicester Crown Court
November 2012
R v. TP and 5 others (Operation Burleigh) Manchester Crown Court
June 2012
R v. PR & another (Operation Zamouse) Nottingham Crown Court
June 2013
R . BC & 5 others (Operation Transmission) Birmingham Crown Court
R v. A & others (Operation Bromwich)
R v. C & others (Operation Variation)
R v. P & another (Operation Vanguard)
R v. L & others (Operation Bignay)
R v. S & others (Operation Elemi)
R v. A (Operation Cordoba)
R v. Bi & Others
R v. K & 2 others Birmingham Crown Court
R v. B & another (Coventry Crown Court)
R v. KM (Operation Jaywick Leeds Crown Court)
R v. Mayaye & Others (Birmingham Crown Court)
R v. Bhatt & Others (Leicester Crown Court)
R v. Mohammed Ishtiaq (Birmingham Crown Court)
R v. B & another (Manchester Crown Court)
R v. Davis & others 2007 (Birmingham Crown Court)
R v. S (Coventry Crown Court)
R v. Lewis & others (Wolverhampton Crown Court)
R v. DW & others (Coventry Crown Court)
R v. JW & others (Coventry Crown Court)
R v. Edwards & Others (Birmingham Crown Court)
R v. Ologitere (Wolverhampton Crown Court)
R v. K & others (Birmingham Crown Court)
R v. L (Birmingham Crown Court)
R v. G (Hull Crown Court)
West Midland Probation Service v. Sadler & Daly (Divisional Court of the High Court)
Laing v. West Midlands Probation Service, Secretary of State for Justice, West Midlands Police (Divisional Court of the High Court)
Fluent in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarati, Mirpuri and has conversational German.