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Osama Daneshyar
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Osama Daneshyar
Year of Call - 1996
Inner Temple
Qualified Mediator – having successfully completed the relevant approved Bar Council Qualification with the London School of Mediation.

Currently working as an employed Barrister in the Middle East.
Practice Profile
Mr Osama Daneshyar has been a Practicing Member of the England and Wales Bar since he completed his Pupillage in 1997.

Mr Osama Daneshyar is now one of the most Senior Arab speaking Barristers in England, only second to Michel Massih QC. He has undertaken very complex and serious criminal cases ranging from the Money Laundering, Complex Frauds and Terrorism where he represented Abu Hamza, during the course of his SIAC proceedings, and one of the Defendants charged in what became The Dirty Bomb Conspiracy.
Main areas of work:
Mr Osama Daneshyar specialises in all areas of Criminal Defence Law, Human Rights and Administrative Law
Arabic, English and basic French
Mr Osama Daneshyar spent a period of time working out of the county in Cairo (Egypt) where he successfully applied and was appointed to the UN Appointed Panel of Defence Advocates for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, which was set up to Investigate and Prosecute those who are suspected to have been involved in the Terrorist Murder of the Former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. In connection with the proceedings Mr Daneshyar has also advised members of the Lebanese Government about the legality and Jurisdictional Legitimacy of the Special Tribunal.

Mr Osama Daneshyar has spent close to 2 years working in Cairo as part of a Defence Team made of Local Lawyers, representing Ahmed Abdul Aziz Ezz, who was tried on 3 occasions in the course of the last 2 years, following the revolution. Mr Ezz was charged with Corporate Fraud, Appropriation of Public Funds, Unjust Enrichment and Money Laundering, running into Several Billions of Egyptian Pounds. Having been Instructed by Baker Mackenzie to act on his behalf, Mr Daneshyar managed to obtain Rights of Audience to undertake both the Litigation and Advocacy work, before the Local Criminal Courts. Mr Daneshyar’s role in the case was to take Instructions, draft Written Submissions in both Arabic and English for the Defence closing, setting out both the Legal and Factual Defence, additionally he undertook the assistance in the drafting of the Grounds of Appeal to the Court of Cassation. The case gave Mr Daneshyar a very valuable insight from both a legal as well as the corporate perspective of many aspects of Corporate Law, including mergers and acquisitions, project financing, and trade and industrial corporate decision making process. It also gave Mr Daneshyar a great deal of knowledge as a whole host of Egyptian Laws, such as Company, Capital Markets and the Criminal Laws.

Currently Mr Daneshyar is also advising the Former Prime Minister of the Turks and Caicos in relation to Corruption and Money Laundering allegations, where the Special Investigation Team headed by Helen Garlick QC has already charged several people, and the client is currently being sought on an international arrest warrant issued by the UK Government. The work involves undertaking various tasks including attempting to reach an agreement for the voluntary return of the client to the Turks and Caicos, from Brazil where he is currently under the protection of the Brazilian Authorities having claimed asylum.
A qualified mediator having successfully completed the relevant approved bar Council qualification with the London School of Mediation.