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Charnjit Singh Jutla
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Charnjit Singh Jutla
Year of Call - 2003
Lincolns Inn
  • (ICSL), LLB (hons)
Mr Jutla has been involved in a large number of Serious and High Profile Criminal cases. The spectrum of cases undertaken by him, vary from Murders, Drug Trafficking right through to Serious White Collar Crime. Mr Jutla has been lead in many cases by Junior and Queen’s Counsel and has an Appellant Practice. He is also a Panel Member of the Very High Cost Cases (VHCC) scheme. As a young junior barrister Mr Jutla has been involved in many High Profile cases that have attracted significant media attention and publicity.
Cars and travel
Practice Profile
Considerable experience in Drug Cases; Money Laundering; Revenue Fraud; Murders; Human Trafficking and the like.
R v Neil Dawe (Northampton):
R v Saqib Khan (Bradford):
R v Valerie William (Wolverhampton):
R v Mohammed Ahmed (Warwick):
R v Ramanpreet Singh (Coventry):
R v Erjon Jevori (Cardiff):
R v Nasser Khokhar (Sheffield):
Example of Appeal Case
R v Zulfiqar Ali (Court of Appeal):
Recent Cases
R v Ashiq Hussain (Bradford):
R v Harnaik Sandhu (Birmingham)
Urdu, Punjabi and Potohari/Mirpuri